July 21, 2008

Moscow Concerned About Ukrainian Intent to Use Odesa-Brody Pipeline Directly

MOSCOW. July 21 (Interfax) - Moscow is concerned about the Ukrainian intent to use the Odesa-Brody oil pipeline in the direct mode this year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin said at the Monday meeting of the government.

"This is a concern of Russian companies, which supply crude to Central Europe. The companies have to seek other delivery routes," he said.

He said that Russian companies will channel the supplies to Novorossiysk and Primorsk and thus make them more stable.

Ukrainian actions are a possible reason for disruptions in crude supplies to the Czech Republic, Sechin said. "Firstly, the Czech Republic receives crude via intermediaries. The second reason is the operation of the transport system and the Ukrainian intent to change the mode of the Odesa-Brody pipeline," he remarked.

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