July 24, 2008

SES ASTRA TechCom to Deliver Vietnamese Satellite Network Operations Centre

SES ASTRA, an SES company (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG), announced today that its subsidiary SES ASTRA TechCom has been selected to deliver the Network Operations Centre for the new Vietnamese satellite system VINASAT. SES ASTRA TechCom shall deliver the Network Operations Centre to Vietnam Telecom International, which operates the VINASAT-1 satellite. The end-to-end system includes uplink and downlink facilities in various frequency bands, as well as features for monitoring of the satellite payloads and uplinks, in order to allow VINASAT to ensure continuous quality of the customers` video and audio services.

VINASAT-1 is Vietnam's first state-owned satellite. It was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Services and is operational since May 2008, being used for telecommunication purposes.

"We are very proud that SES ASTRA TechCom has been chosen to deliver the Network Operations Centre for the first Vietnamese satellite project," said Gerhard Bethscheider, CEO of SES ASTRA TechCom. "The decision shows that the profound technical knowledge that we offer to third parties is recognized and highly trusted around the world. We are confident that our new role in Vietnam and the region will help us to further position the broad and integrated portfolio of SES companies, in particular of ND SatCom, a leading global supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT and communication network solutions."

About SES ASTRA and SES ASTRA TechCom www.ses-astra.com

SES ASTRA is the leading Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite system in Europe. The satellite fleet currently comprises 14 ASTRA and two SIRIUS satellites. The combined satellite system delivers services to more than 117 million DTH and cable households and transmits a total of 2,295 analogue and digital television and radio channels. SES ASTRA also provides satellite-based multimedia, internet and telecommunication services to enterprises, governments and their agencies. With 42 High Definition (HD) channels available via its satellites today, ASTRA and SIRIUS represent the most important HDTV broadcasting platform in Europe. The prime orbital positions for ASTRA and SIRIUS are 19.2 degrees East, 28.2 degrees East, 23.5 degrees East, 5 degrees East and 31.5 degrees East.

SES ASTRA is an SES company (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG). SES owns three market-leading satellite operators, SES ASTRA in Europe, SES AMERICOM in North America, and SES NEW SKIES which provides global coverage and connectivity. The company owns 90 percent of SES SIRIUS in Europe, as well as strategic participations in Ciel in Canada and Quetzsat in Mexico. SES provides outstanding satellite communications solutions via a fleet of 38 satellites in 25 orbital positions around the globe. Additional information on SES is available at: www.ses.com.

SES ASTRA TechCom is a provider of operating services, consultancy and products for the satellite industry. The Luxembourg based company offers the technical know-how and expertise of the SES group to satellite manufacturers, satellite operators, broadcasters and government organizations.