July 24, 2008

Iran: Esfahan Refinery Company to Produce More Petrol By Next Year

Text of report by Iranian state-run provincial TV from Esfahan on 23 July

According to the scheduled plans, with the completion of petrol production complex of Esfahan Refinery Company by the end of the next year [Iranian year beginning 20 March 2009], import of this product will be reduced by 3.5 million litres per day.

Importing petrol and spending dollars from the country during the past years caused the government to consider an increase in petrol production as a strategic and necessary product in the country twice as much.

Therefore, Esfahan Refinery is building a petrol production complex to increase the petrol production in this refinery to three million litres per day.

[Aqazadeh, managing-director of Esfahan Refinery Company] Some 33 units have been introduced. There is an oil refinery unit which will actually refine the initial material from sulphur and heavy metals with a capacity of 62,000 barrels per day. Then the output of this unit will be divided into two parts. One of the parts, equivalent to 32,000 barrels per day will enter permanent catalyst refinery unit as a catalyst converter of CCR. The octane or the slow burning heat of this product will be between 97 to 100. There will be another unit with a capacity of 27,000 barrels per day as isomerisation unit.

With this project petrol production will increase from nine million litres to 12m litres per day and the octane of the produced petrol will increase from 87 to 93.

This major project that will cost about 187m euros and about 661bn rials is supposed to be operational by the end of next year.

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Esfahan Provincial TV, Esfahan, in Persian 1615 23 Jul 08.

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