July 24, 2008

99.8% of Food Passes Safety Tests

According to news.gov.hk: The Centre for Food Safety tested 10,200 food samples in May and June - with an overall pass rate of 99.8%. Only 19 samples failed the tests. The centre's Assistant Director (Food Surveillance & Control) Dr Miranda Lee said most of the breaches were not serious and would not pose immediate health risks. Among the unsatisfactory cases, three were vegetables or fruits; five were meat or poultry; one was a frozen confection, three were cereals, grains or cereal products; and seven were other food commodities. Dr Lee said pesticide and metallic contamination levels of three samples of vegetables and fruits - a green salad, a Chinese parsley and a spinach - exceeded the legal limit. Five meat and poultry samples contained non-permitted drug residues and food additives. A soft ice-cream sample was found to contain excessive coliform organisms while two instant noodle samples and a fried noodle sample had excessive micro-organisms or non-permitted chemicals.

Originally published by Info-Prod Strategic Business Information.

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