July 24, 2008

Lawyer Sues Delta Over Canceled Flight

A New York lawyer has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Delta Airlines, saying he has been waiting months to be reimbursed for a canceled flight from Paris.

Thomas Mullaney told the New York Daily News that he and his girlfriend were booked on a flight on Oct. 28 that was canceled because of a strike at Charles de Gaulle Airport. He said the return tickets cost $2,500.

I just wanted to be reimbursed for the ticket -- and they wouldn't do it, Mullaney said. I should not have to accept just having this money stolen.

He said that Delta made matters worse by telling him to go to the airport to get another flight instead of letting him make another reservation by phone. He described the situation at Charles de Gaulle as like a soccer riot.

Mullaney was already angry with the airline because his luggage went astray on his flight to Europe, with the formal garments he planned to wear at a wedding in Rome.

Delta would not comment on the suit.