July 27, 2008

Drill Before We Sink

The "S.S. Ship of State" just struck an iceberg and is sinking, the captain (Senate majority leader) and the first mate (speaker of the House) ordered the crew (members of Congress) to arrange the deck chairs and call the passengers for a hearing to find out which passengers caused the collision.

The crew is told not to launch the lifeboats because it would take too much time, so as the ship slips slowly into the sea, the band is ordered to play "Don't blame me."

This satire is an example of what is happening to our economy as the price of oil keeps rising because Congress and the environmentalists keep us from developing new oil fields. Some of our politicians say it would take 10 years before we would be producing more oil.

When World War II started, I saw this country go from a peacetime economy to a wartime economy in just a few months. When the war ended in less than five years, we had built thousands of planes, tanks, trucks and other wartime equipment and we produced enough oil to keep them running.

When the American people are not stopped by a bunch of politicians, environmentalists, appointed judges and the ACLU, we can do the job of producing more oil in a matter of months, not years. When we start drilling for more oil, the speculators will dump their stock and the price of oil will come down very quickly, and so will the price of gasoline and diesel.

The liberals in Congress have stopped us from drilling for oil. They talk about wind, solar and geothermal power. Try running planes, trains, trucks, ships and cars off of these power sources. Ethanol is the only real alternative, but at what cost? We can't grow enough corn in the rainy areas of the country to supply the corn we would need to replace oil with ethanol. If we produce it in areas of the country that do not get rain, we would have to use irrigation. If you think the price of energy is high now, wait until the speculators start bidding on corn.

It is time that we launch the lifeboats and save the passengers. Let the captain and the first mate go down with the ship, but don't take me with them.



Vote for independence

As the Democratic nominee for the 63rd District of the California Assembly, I wholeheartedly oppose the president's lifting of the ban on offshore drilling.

The ban originally was an executive order from his father, George H. W. Bush. We know that gas prices are high, but lifting the ban will not lower prices at the pump, and will pollute our environment. The pollution would start immediately and it would take decades to reverse. At some point, we must become independent from Big Oil.

Speaker Pelosi is correct when she states, "Once again, the oilman in the White House is echoing the demands of Big Oil." The Bush plan is a hoax to make oil companies, in which he has a huge personal financial stake, even more wealthy.

The governors of every coastal state, Democrat and Republican alike, including Gov. Schwarzenegger, strongly oppose lifting the ban because they know such an act has the potential to destroy our environment. History tells us that, eventually, coastal drilling produces oil spills. Every time that happens, the taxpayers are left to clean up. We have other renewable and clean-energy technologies. Renewable, alternative energy is no longer "hippie" technology. The sound investment into alternative energy, its infrastructure, and its construction can create a whole new economy.

San Bernardino Mayor Morris' LNG program for powering city vehicles is saving money, and is a good example of how good programs produce good results, and more jobs. LNG is now just about half the price of gasoline. This is why we must all vote in November and choose Democrats who will help.

Ask the president why he led a lawsuit on behalf of General Motors against Californians to end a state law, and hence the electric car, that required only a modest 7 percent of all autos to be zero emission by 2001? Thanks to the president, our solutions were here, and now they're gone, and gas is more than $4 a gallon.


Democratic candidate for the California Assembly, 63rd District

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