July 28, 2008

Cathay Pacific Receives Approval to Increase Fuel Surcharges

Cathay Pacific Airways has been granted an approval by the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong, for an increase in fuel surcharges, for a two-month period effective August 1, 2008, to $29.60 for short-haul services in south and northeast Asia and $118.50 for long-haul services.

The current surcharges are $21.90 for short-haul services and $91 for long-haul services. Even with the latest increase, the airline estimates that surcharges cover less than half of the increased cost of fuel.

Cathay Pacific stated that it regrets the need to impose this further surcharge on passengers, but reiterated that it is important to the sustainability of its business that the fuel surcharge level keeps pace with the increase in fuel prices.