July 28, 2008

United in Climate Research

SCIENTISTS in the North-East are working on new ways of storing CO2 emissions underground to help combat climate change.

Durham University has launched the Carbon Storage Research Group, led by a new professor of carbon capture and storage and energy.

Researchers aim to find ways of gathering CO2 from fossil-fuel fired power plants to store in former oil and gas fields or aquifers, indefinitely, so it cannot add to global warming.

The new professorship is a threeway project involving the university?s Centre for Research into Earth Energy Systems (CeREES), Dong Energy and Ikon Science.

At the last G8 summit, the world?s richest nations stated their ?vision? to cut CO2 emissions by 50 per cent by 2050. The UK plans to build power plants with carbon capture facilities.

Durham is researching wind and wave power, solar energy, biofuels and the social implications of new and renewable energy Professor Richard Davies, director of CeREES, said: ?Our combined expertise will allow us to investigate ways of capturing carbon and ensuring that it remains underground once stored. ?

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