July 28, 2008

Widdy Turns into Naomi!

POOR Anne Widdecombe was less than impressed with security at a Belfast airport recently.

On her way to departures Ms Widdecombe had in her possession several tubes of cream over the permitted hand luggage size, which - in keeping with government imposed airport regulations - were immediately confiscated by airport staff.

Cue a Naomi Campbell-esque airport hissy fit. Unimpressed at being separated from her lotions and potions Ms Widdecombe sniped at the security guard that her tubes of cream had gone through Heathrow "unmolested" and that staff there were more sensible.

Luckily she didn't throw a diamond encrusted mobile phone like the Insider's favourite temperamental supermodel may have done, but instead used her column in a national paper to have a good old moan about petty regulations and the "rude jobsworth of a woman" at Belfast airport.

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