July 29, 2008

Titan Energy Worldwide to Demonstrate Sentry 5000(TM) to Key Regional Emergency Officials in the Midwest Flood Region

Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc. (OTCBB: TEWI), a leader in manufacturing, marketing and servicing of energy generation products and services, will showcase the Sentry 5000(TM) Mobile Utility System to Regional National Guard, Emergency Management Officials and First Responders in flood affected areas outside St. Louis, Missouri on August 4th, 2008.

As flood recovery efforts continue throughout the devastated region, officials have requested a demonstration of the Sentry to regional response teams as a complement to the team's emergency response fleet. Of interest is the Sentry 5000(TM)'s water purification system, which provides 3,600 gallons of purified drinking water per day through its state-of-the-art, 5-stage reverse osmosis purification process. Floodwaters contaminated with a toxic combination of sewage, farm runoff and petroleum products are raising concerns over the availability of clean drinking water as the affected areas work to clean-up and rebuild the worst hit areas. The Sentry 5000(TM) can provide drinking water, along with electrical power and cooling to support response teams in their efforts.

According to Dean Pellegata, Business Development Manager for Titan Energy, "The opportunity to present the Sentry 5000(TM) to officials actively in 'disaster response mode' will be an ideal forum to demonstrate its many capabilities. The integration of multiple utilities into a single, towable unit with no loose pieces to assemble and a single push button start save precious time when arriving onsite. The Sentry also allows rescue teams the flexibility to quickly deploy power, water and cooling from one location to the next as rescue efforts expand across the region."

About the Sentry 5000(TM)

The Sentry 5000(TM), manufactured exclusively by Titan Energy Worldwide, supports emergency power generation, water purification, satellite voice communication, emergency area lighting, air conditioning and heating, and offers 50 kW+ of additional power capacity. The system provides up to 80 hours of self-sufficient emergency power generation (dependent of load utilization) before refueling, enough electricity to power 10 homes or a 20,000 square foot office building and purified drinking water delivered at 3,600 gallons per day. The unit is compact enough to be pulled by an SUV or pickup truck and operational within minutes of arriving onsite.

To learn more about the Sentry 5000(TM), visit: www.titansentry.com

About Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc.

Titan Energy is a leader in the manufacturing, marketing and servicing of energy generation products and services, a major participant in the distributed, renewable, and alternative energy industries, and a leader in development and support for new energy-related technology. Founded in 2005, Titan combines engineering expertise, established sales and distributorships, service operations and unique strategic partnerships to meet the growing global demand for clean, efficient, energy solutions. Titan serves disaster recovery first responders, relief agencies, homeland security, the department of defense and municipalities. For more information, visit the company's website at www.titanenergy.com.

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