July 29, 2008

Marcelita’s Cookies Targets the Corporate Gift Market With Their Delicious Hispanic Gourmet Cookies

Marcelita's Cookies, a family business that makes and distributes Hispanic Gourmet Cookies, today announced the availability of an online Corporate Gift Program to thank customers for their business.

According to Packaged Facts, in its 2007 report 'Food Gifting in the U.S.', food corporate gifts represented about one third, or $2.5 billion, of the overall corporate gift market.

Based in Minneapolis, Marcelita's Cookies are a tasteful blend of two family cultures from Minnesota and Mexico. "Throughout the years", owner Marcie Ramirez says, "we have perfected our family recipe of oatmeal, walnuts, butterscotch and white chocolate, plus a pinch of our secret Mexican ingredients".

The recently introduced Corporate Gift Program lets companies reward their customers with a unique and delicious gift available in an attractive and upscale package. Orders are placed online, via Marcelita's Cookies website, and are delivered to any place in the country via UPS.

Marcelita's Cookies Corporate Gift Program is the result of extensive market research. When focus groups were asked what's most important when buying gourmet food gifts online, their top five answers were: unique and quality product, on-time shipping, attractive and upscale packaging, convenience of shopping, and price.

"We are delighted with the introduction of our online Corporate Gift Program", says owner Juan Ramirez. "Companies are able to send a unique gourmet gift, from the comfort of their office, which will help them enhance their customers' relationships and loyalty".

Marcelita's Cookies will introduce its Corporate Gift Program at the upcoming CivicFest Marketplace event, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, which will be held in conjunction with the Republican National Convention from August 29 to September 4, 2008.

For more information please visit www.marcelitascookies.com

About Marcelita's Cookies

Marcelita's Cookies LLC, is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Owners, Marcie and Juan Ramirez, have created delicious Hispanic gourmet cookies with an upscale presentation and packaging. The cookies are made to order and available in a signature gift box of 12 or 24 cookies, or a single cookie gift box. Orders are placed online in the company's website and delivered via UPS. For more information please visit www.marcelitascookies.com