July 30, 2008

Westinghouse Breaks Ground on Chinese Reactors

By Bonnie Pfister

Westinghouse Electric Co. and its Chinese client broke ground today on the first of four nuclear power plants the company will build in the energy-hungry nation.

Monroeville-based Westinghouse announced that, along with engineering partner The Shaw Group, of Louisiana, and the Shandong Nuclear Power Co., it began excavation one month earlier than planned at the plant site in Haiyang, Shandong province in northeastern China.

The facility will house two AP1000 reactors, Westinghouse's newest design, which together can produce 2,200 megawatts of power - - enough for nearly 1.5 million homes.

Last year Westinghouse won a $5.3 billion contract to provide China with four AP1000 reactors. In June, Westinghouse CEO Aris Candris said Chinese officials told him they want 100 AP1000s operating or under construction by 2020.

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