July 31, 2008

Price War at Petrol Pumps

ALL four major supermarkets have cut petrol prices for the second week in a row, amid an intense fuel price war.

Asda led the onslaught yesterday, announcing unleaded will fall by 2p to 111.9p per litre, and diesel will drop 4p to 124.9p across all its 171 forecourts today.

Tesco retaliated by bringing in cuts of up to 2p per litre on petrol and 4p on diesel yesterday afternoon at the store's 430 petrol stations.

Then Morrisons stepped in, announcing price drops on petrol by 2p a litre and diesel by 4p a litre on its 285 forecourts.

Sainsbury's also pledged to slash petrol by up to 3p and diesel by 4p today.

The latest cuts continue a price war sparked last week, when Asda cut 3p from diesel and unleaded.

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