August 1, 2008

MultiVu Video Feed: First Scheduled Commercial A380 to United States Arrives At

Jfk International Airport on August 1

With the company's president, Tim Clark, on the inaugural flight from Dubai, Emirates Airline will make aviation history when the first scheduled commercial A380 flight to the United States lands at JFK International Airport Friday Afternoon. The A380 is the world's largest airliner with 49 percent more floor space and 35 percent more seating than the previous largest aircraft.

Powered by American aircraft engine maker Engine Alliance's GP7200 engines, Emirates' A380 can fly up to 7,456 miles on a full load and is configured with 14 First Class, 76 Business and 399 Economy seats. The entire upper level of the double-decker is reserved for First Class and Business Class passengers with such facilities as two separate Shower Spas for First Class passengers - commercial aviation first - a lounge attended by a bartender, and the latest generation of Emirates' award-winning First Class Private Suites.

Upon arrival, Tim Clark will discuss the A380's inflight innovations, equipment capabilities, fuel efficiency, special flight deck and cabin crew training and the airline's plans for expansion.

Following the press conference, Emirates executives and crew will showcase the aircraft, including the unique 1,200-channel inflight entertainment system, the ergonomically-designed seats and the multi-course, gourmet meals with complementary wines and spirits.

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NEWS: Emirates Inaugural A380 Luxury Passenger Aircraft Lands at New York's JFK Airport

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