August 3, 2008

Two Emergency Landings of Russian Tu-204 Planes Occur Within 24 Hours

Text of report by international stream of Gazprom-owned Russian NTV on 3 August

A Tu-204 passenger plane en route from St Petersburg to Vladivostok made an emergency landing in Krasnoyarsk [Siberia] this morning. The aircraft, which is owned by the Vladivostok Avia airline, was carrying 140 passengers and eight crew members. No-one was hurt.

The captain decided to make the emergency landing after one of the engines failed. This was the second such incident involving Tu- 204 planes within the past 24 hours. A Red Wings airline flight from Venice to Moscow made an emergency landing in Minsk [the capital of Belarus] yesterday. It was also experiencing problems with one of its engines and the engine had to be switched off.

The Tu-204 was designed to replace outdated Tu-154 aircraft. According to its designers, the Tu-204 plane conforms to every safety standard. Fifty-five such planes have been produced.

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Originally published by NTV Mir, Moscow, in Russian 1200 3 Aug 08.

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