August 4, 2008

U.S. Solar-Panel Maker Wins 327-Billion-Dollar Contract

U.S. solar-panel maker wins 327-billion-dollar contract

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Solar Power, a solar-panel installer in Northern California, will buy 327 million U.S. dollars worth of high-tech solar panels, it was reported on Friday.

Solar Power will buy the solar panels from Solyndra, a major solar panel maker in Fremont, Northern California in a four-year deal that runs through 2012, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Solyndra has remained quiet about its business plans. The company has been working to perfect panels that use CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) technology, not silicon, to turn sunlight into electricity. Other local start-ups, including Miasole of Santa Clara and Nanosolar of San Jose, are working with CIGS as well.

Solar Power said it would be one of the first companies to use Solyndra's products. Last week, a German solar company said it would buy Solyndra's products as well.

"Solyndra's panels are highly innovative and offer unique design features that differentiate them from conventional panels," Steve Kircher, Solar Power's chief executive, said in a statement.

Solar Power said recently it's installing a solar roof on a local supermarket and that it is adding solar to affordable homes for the Housing Authority of Monterey County in Northern California.

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