August 4, 2008

Copano Energy Updates Commodity Hedging Portfolio

HOUSTON, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Copano Energy, L.L.C. announced today that it has updated its commodity risk management portfolio for the 2008 through 2011 calendar years by execution of the transactions summarized on the attached schedule. As a result of these transactions, Copano has acquired puts for propane, iso-butane, normal butane, natural gasoline, West Texas Intermediate crude oil and calls for Houston Ship Channel Index natural gas at strike prices reflecting current market conditions. Copano also has divested put options at lower strike prices on a portion of these products and of CenterPoint East natural gas. The newly-acquired options were purchased from five investment grade counterparties for a net cost of approximately $34.1 million.

"These transactions serve to strengthen Copano's option-focused hedge portfolio and establish put strike prices significantly higher than the strike prices in our prior hedges, and extend the protection provided by our natural gas calls" said John Eckel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Copano Energy. "We will continue to consider further improvements to our hedge portfolio on an ongoing basis."

Houston-based Copano Energy, L.L.C. is a midstream natural gas company with operations in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Louisiana.

This press release includes "forward-looking statements," as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Statements that are not historical facts and instead address activities, events or developments that we expect or anticipate will or may occur in the future, including references to future goals or intentions, are forward-looking statements. We make these statements based on our past experience and our perception of historical trends, current conditions and expected future developments, as well as other considerations we believe are appropriate under the circumstances. Whether actual results and developments in the future will conform to our expectations is subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control. Therefore, actual outcomes and results could differ materially from what is expressed, implied or forecast in forward-looking statements. Any differences could result from a number of factors, including the volatility of prices and market demand for natural gas and natural gas liquids; our ability to continue to obtain new sources of natural gas supply; the ability of key producers to continue to drill and successfully complete and attach new natural gas supplies; our ability to retain our key customers; general economic conditions; the effects of government regulations and policies; and other financial, operational and legal risks and uncertainties detailed from time to time in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

                                 SCHEDULE A   Copano Energy, L.L.C.   Summary of Commodity Hedges Purchased and Sold   (all hedges are settled monthly):    Purchased/Sold Mt. Belvieu TET Propane Put Options listed below:                                    Put Strike                Put Volumes                                  (Per Gallon)            (Barrels Per Day)                             Bought            Sold   Calendar 2010            $1.4900          $0.8500           1,100   Calendar 2010            $1.4900          $0.9460             700   Calendar 2011            $1.3300             -                900    Purchased/Sold Mt. Belvieu Non-TET Iso-Butane Put Options listed below:                                    Put Strike                Put Volumes                                  (Per Gallon)            (Barrels Per Day)                             Bought            Sold   Calendar 2010            $1.8900          $1.0350             300   Calendar 2010            $1.8900          $1.1145             100   Calendar 2011            $1.7100             -                200    Purchased/Sold Mt. Belvieu Non-TET Normal Butane Put Options listed    below:                                    Put Strike                Put Volumes                                  (Per Gallon)            (Barrels Per Day)                             Bought            Sold   Calendar 2010            $1.8800          $1.0300             300   Calendar 2010            $1.8800          $1.1000             200   Calendar 2011            $1.7100             -                350    Purchased/Sold Mt. Belvieu Non-TET Natural Gasoline Put Options listed    below:                                    Put Strike                Put Volumes                                  (Per Gallon)            (Barrels Per Day)                             Bought           Sold   Calendar 2010            $2.5400          $1.4080             300    Purchased/Sold NYMEX WTI Crude Oil Put Options listed below:                                    Put Strike                Put Volumes                                  (Per Barrel)            (Barrels Per Day)                             Bought            Sold   Calendar 2010            $118.00           $55.00           1,000   Calendar 2010            $118.00           $60.00             400    Purchased Houston Ship Channel Index Natural Gas Call Options listed    below:                            Call Strike                     Call Volumes                           (Per MMbtu)                      (MMbtu/d)   Calendar 2009             $10.00                           10,000   Calendar 2010             $10.00                           10,000   Calendar 2011             $10.00                           10,000    Sold CenterPoint East Natural Gas Put Options listed below:                            Put Strike                        Put Volumes                           (Per MMbtu)                        (MMbtu/d)   Calendar 2008              $7.75                            1,675      Contacts: Matt Assiff, SVP & CFO              Copano Energy, L.L.C.              713-621-9547               Jack Lascar / [email protected]              Anne Pearson / [email protected]              DRG&E / 713-529-6600  

Copano Energy, L.L.C.

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