August 5, 2008

Venezuela’s Chavez Wants to “Restart” Talks on Gas Pipeline

Text of report by government-owned Argentine news agency Telam

["Chavez: 'It Is Time To Resume Gas Pipeline of South Issue'" -

Telam Headline]

Buenos Aires, 4 Aug (Telam) -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stated this afternoon that "it is time to restart the issue of the Gas Pipeline of the South, which would link Caracas with Buenos Aires" and he called to give "content, with tangible projects" to the integration between his country, Brazil, and Argentina.

Chavez told Telam that the issue of the Gas Pipeline of the South "was abandoned awhile, but it is time to restart it" and he stressed that Venezuela "has the biggest gas reserves on the continent."

He made these statements in San Martin Palace after his bilateral meeting with President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Brazilian President Lula da Silva.

Originally published by Telam news agency, Buenos Aires, in Spanish 2059 4 Aug 08.

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