August 5, 2008

Iran: Increase of Steel Production By Khuzestan Steel Company

Text of report by Iranian state-run provincial TV from Khuzestan on 4 August

Some 706,000 tonnes of raw steel have been produced by Khuzestan Steel Company since the beginning of the year [Iranian year started 20 March 2008].

The managing director of Khuzestan Steel Company has said that products produced by this company included various kinds of ingots, blooms, billets and slabs.

He added that this amount has increased by nine per cent compared to the same period of time last year.

Najmossadat said that during this period of time more than 44,000 tonnes of various kinds of steel products valued 34,730,000 dollars have been exported.

He said that this company has the second position in steel production in the country and added that with the operation of development projects which include Zamzam [steel mill], steel wide plates and the second phase of steel development project, the production capacity of this company will be increased to 3,200,000 tonnes.

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Khuzestan Provincial TV, Ahvaz, in Persian 1530 4 Aug 08.

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