August 5, 2008

Spacenet ION Makes Rapid Deploy Satellite Communications Easier With Self-Contained Transportable VSAT Solution

Spacenet Inc., one of the world's leading providers of advanced satellite networking services for US based enterprise and government customers, today introduced its new ION(TM) instant VSAT communications solution. The self-contained and ruggedized field kit enables rapid deployment of complete converged communications via satellite (VSAT) for emergency response teams and remote industrial operations such as oil rigs, mines, or construction sites. ION is available immediately with Spacenet's commercial grade Connexstar(TM) service, offering a turn-key voice, video, and broadband data solution. ION can also be deployed as part of a custom developed satellite network.

Spacenet currently offers similar transportable communications solutions to a number of government organizations including a law enforcement agency, hospital association, department of transportation and port authority. Designed with emergency response personnel in mind, Spacenet's ION is easily carried and deployed by one or two people, can be checked as luggage aboard commercial airlines, or integrated into a mobile command vehicle. Once on-site, the package provides a full range of high performance communications services, including direct connection for up to 6 lines to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), broadband Internet access at speeds up to 3Mbps, and support for two-way video conferencing or surveillance -- all through a commercial grade satellite network.

ION is available in two form factors - the 2100 series and 1100 series. The ION 2100 is designed primarily for emergency response mobile units in need of communications for shorter durations and employs a push button auto-acquire satellite antenna that can be operational in less than 10 minutes. The ION 1100, intended for deployments of a few weeks to several months, uses a manually deployed VSAT antenna system for semi-fixed locations. Both ION products integrate with Spacenet's pre-packaged Connexstar and custom satellite services, and are available with full-time or part-time service plans.

Spacenet Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development David Myers said, "We designed the Spacenet ION based on years of field experience and in consultation with some of our customers who operate in the most demanding conditions imaginable - emergency response and oilfield. ION offers a more integrated, easier to use, and more cost effective alternative to transportable VSAT solutions previously available. More than just a piece of hardware, Spacenet's ION provides a complete solution of field deployable equipment and high performance voice, video, and data communication services. ION also offers peace of mind by being provided by one of the most established companies in mission critical satellite communications."

Spacenet's new ION complements the company's wide range of advanced deployable satellite solutions. Spacenet offers the industry's only Cisco(R) certified and integrated satellite networking solution, the Cisco VSAT Network Module, enabling seamless integration into select models of Cisco's ISR and Access routers. Utilizing the Cisco VSAT Network Module, Spacenet provides services for the Cisco iComm, an all-in-one instant and mobile communications system. Spacenet also offers system design and development services for vehicle integrated mobile communications solutions.

About Spacenet(R)

Founded in 1981, Spacenet Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of high-performance satellite and hybrid terrestrial networking solutions for US based enterprise, government and small office/small business customers. Spacenet has a longstanding tradition of industry leadership and innovation, and today has more than 100,000 operational network endpoints for customers including many Fortune 500 companies and major government agencies. Spacenet's services include its custom satellite and hybrid network solutions for enterprise and government; Connexstar(TM) VSAT services for primary, backup and disaster recovery networks; and StarBand(R) broadband Internet by satellite. Spacenet is based in McLean, Virginia, and operates its own end-to-end services infrastructure including network management, field services and teleport facilities in McLean, VA; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Illinois. Spacenet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (Nasdaq:GILT). Visit Spacenet at