August 5, 2008

Pearce Blasts Udall, ‘Far-Left’ in First TV Ad


Republican makes few references to oil in spot

By Steve Terrell

The New Mexican

After nearly two months of television ads by Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tom Udall, his Republican opponent Steve Pearce launched his first TV ad, talking up nuclear energy and blasting "far-left environmentalists."

Pearce's 30-second ad is titled Nuclear. It begins with the candidate speaking against a lush landscape of green grass and trees.

"It may not be politically correct, but nuclear energy is a sure way to America's energy independence," Pearce says in the ad. "Nuclear power can make America free from Middle East oil cartels. Nuclear can keep energy costs low, America prosperous and keep American jobs from going overseas. Tom Udall won't stand up to the far-left environmentalists. I will. I'm Steve Pearce, and I approve this message because we need to invest in nuclear power and drill for domestic oil."

In speeches and news releases, Pearce frequently has equated Udall with "environmental extremists" and "far-left environmentalists," while Udall's supporters have tried to paint Pearce as being in the pocket of big oil. Pearce made his fortune in the oil-services business.

That could be a reason why Pearce -- who has been a vocal supporter of more domestic oil production -- barely mentions oil in his first television ad. He only uses the word twice in the ad.

Instead, he emphasizes nuclear energy, which hasn't been discussed nearly as much as offshore drilling in national political rhetoric this year. Nuclear energy has been championed by retiring Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., whose seat Pearce and Udall are trying to win.

Udall, who had no primary opposition, has led Pearce -- who won a tough primary fight against Heather Wilson -- in both fundraising and the polls.


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