August 6, 2008

Myanmar Int’L Airport Accommodates Larger Aircraft After Renovation

Myanmar int'l airport accommodates larger aircraft after renovation

YANGON, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Yangon International Airport of Myanmar can now accommodate larger aircraft such as Boeing 747 after its runway was extended, the local Newsweek journal reported Tuesday.

With the runway expanded to 11,200 feet (3.36 km) long and 200 feet (60 meters) wide, such type of fully-loaded aircraft can now land at the airport.

The new terminal of the Yangon International Airport has been put into service since May 25 last year after about four years' renovation aimed at improving its handling of international flights.

Its handling capacity has reached for 900 outgoing and 900 incoming passengers simultaneously in an hour, or 2.7 million passengers a year, according to the Department of Civil Aviation.

The new renovated airport was designed by Singapore's CPG Airport Consultant Co. Ltd and jointly built by DCA and the private Asia World Co. Ltd since 2003.

Twelve airlines including a Myanmar international airline and 11 foreign airlines are operating at the Yangon international Airport, with about 85 flights per week in total between Yangon and eight destinations, namely Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing via Kunming, Calcutta, Chiang Mai, Chinese Taipei and Doha.

The 11 foreign airlines flying Yangon comprise Air China, Thai Airways International, Indian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Silk Air, Malaysian Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Mandarin, Jetstar Asia, Phuket Airline and Thai Air Asia.

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