August 7, 2008

Ukrainian Energy Regulator Approves Gas Delivery Tariff Increase

Excerpt from report by Interfax-Ukraine news agency

Kiev, 7 August: The National Commission for Energy Regulation of Ukraine has revised gas transportation and delivery tariffs for gas distribution organizations at a meeting on Thursday [7 August].

The new tariffs envisage the price increase for imported natural gas used by the gas distribution organizations for production and technological purposes, along with the gas distribution workers' wages increase.

The new tariffs come into force on 1 September 2008.

The average calculated tariff for gas transportation via distribution pipelines will increase by 46.2 per cent, from 55.6 hryvnyas [11.5 dollars] to 81.3 hryvnyas [16.8 dollars] per 1,000 cu.m. (VAT not included).

General tariff for natural gas transportation via pipelines for Ukrainian consumers will grow by 26.7 per cent, to 122 hryvnyas [25.1 dollars] per 1,000 cu.m.

[Passage omitted: more details]

Originally published by Interfax-Ukraine news agency, Kiev, in Russian 0750 7 Aug 08.

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