August 7, 2008

Food From Shop Recalled

The state Health Department has recalled all prepared food sold at Greenwich Bay Gourmet in East Greenwich from Friday through Tuesday. The food may be contaminated with norovirus. Any food bought at Greenwich Bay Gourmet during that period should be discarded.

The department learned of the outbreak after nearly half of the guests at a weekend function became ill. The store cooperated fully with the subsequent investigation into the illness, the department said, and has discarded all contaminated food and taken all other appropriate actions. Still, the department underscored the need to throw out anything bought there from Friday to Tuesday.

Those who ate food from the store but have not gotten sick do not need to do anything, the department said.

Norovirus is a common illness whose symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Food handlers, health-care workers or daycare workers with those symptoms should report the illness to their employer, go home and stay out of work for 48 hours.

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