August 9, 2008

Trains Delayed After Signal Cables Stolen

Thieves stole signaling cables that control one of England's busiest rail routes, causing delays Saturday morning, officials said.

The delays affected services in and out of London's Kings Cross on the East Coast Main Line, The Times of London reported.

The thieves, who were believed to be after the high-value metal inside, took cables from a stretch of track in Claypole, Lincolnshire, which caused all the signals between Grantham and Newark to turn red, the newspaper reported.

With the signaling cables gone, trains had to be manually signaled through the affected area.

"Metal theft is a crime that doesn't just affect the rail industry, with metal being stolen from church and school roofs, town statues and the telecoms industry," a Network Rail spokesman said. "Network Rail is determined to crack down on this crime against the community and is working closely with the British Transport Police to deter and catch the criminals."