August 10, 2008

Airport Unwelcoming

Christchurch Airport is the most un-user-friendly airport I have come across. I am aware that there is construction going to take place, but the public is not being considered in all of this.

The new terminal may become a great asset but it is let down by the distance to parking. The walk past hundreds of empty parking spaces allocated to rental car companies is frustrating. Most airports I have seen have rental companies bringing selected cars to clients or providing a shuttle to their car. The over-officious parking wardens tend to lose their humanity as they rush to move drivers on from in front of the terminals when the passengers are simply trying to find their way through the taxis and assorted luggage trolleys to the waiting hosts. This is not a good look for an airport that advertises itself as The Gateway for the best of the South Island. GRAEME E. HOLDAWAY

Central Christchurch

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