August 11, 2008

High Road Tax No Longer Justified

By T.H. Tan

WITH the recent increase in petrol and diesel prices, the government seems to have penalised owners of diesel-engined vehicles unfairly.

The government rationalised that since diesel was cheaper, and also since (in those days) diesel-engined vehicles were the main culprits on the road polluting the air with all the smoke, the road tax should be higher than other vehicles.

The road tax for a petrol-run car was only about RM100.

But the road tax for the same car, diesel-powered, was more than RM1,000. Fair enough.

But with the latest price increase, diesel and petrol cost almost the same.

With the latest advances in technology, diesel-engined vehicles don't emit excessive fumes any more.

Where lies the fairness in forcing owners of diesel-engined cars to pay such a hefty road tax now?

The government should immediately lower the road tax for diesel- powered cars.

The people are suffering enough with the high inflation setting in.

Don't penalise them so unfairly.



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