August 11, 2008

Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony Most Solemn: Vietnamese Media

Beijing Olympic opening ceremony most solemn: Vietnamese media

HANOI, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games full of unique arts performances exhibiting most striking the traits of China's 5,000-year-old culture and development could be the most solemn in the Olympic history, major Vietnamese newspapers said on Saturday.

"Perhaps, in the Olympic history, people in the world have never before witnessed such a solemn, modern, unique and attractive opening ceremony. Nearly 20 items performed by Chinese artists at the Bird's Nest national stadium have thrilled viewers," Vietnam's People's Police newspaper said in an article in a page full of Olympic-related stories.

With the art performances ranging from calligraphy, dance to tea art, China has confirmed its status in the world's art, the article said, adding "the image of hundreds of boats on the Silk Road and strange stylized dances have made viewers think of the Chinese boat going to the big sea."

All programs in the opening ceremony have expressed the 5,000- year cultural flow of China. Most viewers have been also lured by fireworks displays in the forms of fine images looking like smiling faces, the article said.

In its front page, People newspaper ran an article titled " Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games lights friendship and genuine sports spirit." All the spectators at the national stadium have enjoyed solemn and unique performances which bear both modern and ancient cultural features of China, the article said.

Also in a front-page story, New Hanoi newspaper said,"Under the talented guidance of director Zhang Yimou and wonderful performances, a cultural flow through 5,000 years of the Chinese history from the ancient to modern time is shown on grand and smooth music backgrounds."

In a page carring full of Olympic-related stories, Vietnam Sports newspaper said, "After seven years of preparation, things Chinese people expressed at the opening ceremony have conquered the whole world." The things have impressed viewers by the fineness, the traditional culture and nice images looking forwards the development of the host country.

"The opening ceremony is a feast of solemn images. Praising it is unnecessary... The performance has gone beyond imagination of both an ordinary person and a stage director,"Youth newspaper quoted Vietnamese stage director Viet Tu as saying.

The newspaper also quoted Le Quy Duong, an Australian stage director of Vietnamese origin, as saying "in my opinion, the form of the Beijing Olympic Games' opening ceremony last night has reached a very high standard. I don't know when we can do such a work. Regarding the content, I and maybe many other directors realized that Chinese people have sharply expressed the quintessence of their 5,000-year-old culture by a very modern language."

In its front page, Labor newspaper commented:"This (Beijing 2008 Olympic) Games brings about a new scale and stature for the Olympic movement, and shows new special hallmarks, the hallmarks of China in particular and of Asia in general."

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