August 11, 2008

SV Solar Establishes Pilot Production Facility in Sunnyvale, California

Silicon Valley Solar (SV Solar) announced today that they have opened their Sunnyvale headquarters which houses the Sol-X pilot production line and has the capacity to manufacture up to 2MW of PV panels annually.

Furthermore, as validation of industry interest in SV Solar's Sol-X(TM) concentrating PV panel, the company has been invited to present two papers at the SPIE (Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers) Optics + Photonics conference taking place this week in San Diego, CA. The company will be presenting on two separate panels at the Solar Energy + Applications conference, which is one of the four main sub conferences at the event.

"We are honored by the invitation by SPIE to speak at this year's conference," said Joe Lichy, Vice President of Engineering at SV Solar. "This serves as a strong indicator of the strength of our technology to lower the cost of solar energy, and the depth of the research and development that has brought the product to pre-commercialization status."

New Headquarters and Pilot Production Facility

SV Solar moved their headquarters into a 15,000 square foot mixed-use facility in Sunnyvale. Pilot scale manufacturing equipment has now been deployed and initial units are being produced on this line.

"The new facility and pilot line gives the company the infrastructure to move our technology from the prototype stage to a market-ready product. This puts the company on track to bring volume manufacturing capability online in 2009," added Steven D. White, SV Solar's President and CEO.

While Sol-X panels are form, fit and function equivalent to traditional PV panels, there are several unique features that eliminate over 50% of the silicon solar cell material. To support these features, the company has developed proprietary materials and processes that can be rapidly scaled both internally and with contract manufacturers.

Sol-X Technology to be Presented at 2008 SPIE Solar Energy + Applications Conference

Given the interest and pace of development in Solar technologies, SPIE has made this area of discipline a major component of their annual Optics + Photonics conference. SV Solar has published papers for two separate panels and has been invited to present to the conference audience of optical professionals.

High and Low Concentration for Solar Electric Applications III

SV Solar's paper titled "Low Concentrator PV Optics Optimization" will be presented in Session 3: "CPV Module and System Design". The company will distinguish between the various options employed to reduce system cost and focus on low concentration alternatives. A low concentrator design will be compared to standard flat panels and a thin film alternative on an installed system basis, evaluating relative economic value based on kWh production per total system investment.

Optical Modeling and Measurement for Solar Energy Systems II

One of the papers in Session 3: "Solar Resources Modeling and Measurement I", will be SV Solar's, "Modeling Energy Production for Low Concentrating PV Modules". In this paper, SV Solar will establish the unique challenges of modeling low concentrators given the bias of established energy modeling tools. In particular the solar irradiation models typically do not account for all the components that contribute to energy harvest for a low concentrator. The company will introduce the tools that have been developed and present examples of low concentrator designs modeled in various geographies and climates.

About SPIE

SPIE is an international membership society, serving scientists and engineers in industry, academia, and government, as well as companies producing leading-edge products. SPIE constituents work in a wide variety of fields that utilize some aspect of optics and photonics, which is the science and application of light.

SPIE attracts Members from around the world, including North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and supports them from offices in North America and Europe. Founded in 1955, SPIE continues to support those who seek to learn, discover and innovate by building a better world with light.

About SV Solar, Inc.

Incorporated in 2006, SV Solar is a venture funded manufacturer of a concentrating PV panel. SV Solar has developed a unique technology utilizing an advanced internal concentrator, marketed under the Sol-X brand. The company's mission is to establish Sol-X as a cost effective alternative to thin film PV using traditional high efficiency silicon cells. These panels are suitable for typical commercial flat-roof installations based on array energy density comparable with standard crystalline silicon based solar panels.