August 12, 2008

Ramat Negev to Offer Discounts for Solar Power Users


Ramat Negev residents who install solar power systems in their homes will be eligible for discounts on building and real estate tax (arnona), according to an announcement last week by Ramat Negev Council head Shmulik Rifman and the Sunday solar power company.

"We, the residents of the Negev, are the recipients of unlimited sunshine, and enjoy a rare opportunity to be the country's pioneers in the field of solar energy. Using solar energy in the settlements of the Negev, where many businesses are based on agriculture and factories, will reduce by millions of shekels electricity costs, will generate profits and contribute to the environment and become a status symbol for green living in the whole country," Rifman said.

"It is our obligation to take advantage of solar energy,"

Sunday organized the conference to explain to Negev residents the benefits of solar energy.

Sunday also recently signed a profit-sharing agreement with the kibbutz movement. According to the agreement, Sunday would build and install solar generating systems on the kibbutzim and share the profits with the kibbutzim.

The company is involved in connecting photovoltaic solar cells to the national electric infrastructure, whether they be located on top of private homes or businesses, or in dedicated "solar farms."

Originally published by EHUD ZION WALDOKS.

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