August 12, 2008

An Analysis of Oilfield Services in the UK: Providing Over 250 Company Profiles & Essential Market Information

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Oilfield Services (UK) - Portfolio Analysis" report to their offering.

The Plimsoll Analysis - Oilfield Services is an in-depth report analysing the UK oilfield services market and the 251 companies operating within it. The report includes over 50 pages of market information including: Market size- this year compared to last year. Profit margins- analysed graphically over the last ten years. Sales growth- analysed graphically over the last ten years. Rankings- the best performing companies in a number of categories named and analysed. Each of the 251 companies in the report is analysed individually so at a glance you can assess their financial performance over the last five years. Instantly spot the 35 companies in danger who may not survive 2008. 11 companies are identified as the best acquisiton prospects in the market. 36 companies are identified as the best to do business with. Gain market and competitor knowledge before investing in the market. Benchmark your own company performance.

- Individual analysis of the Top 252 companies.

- The very latest accounts from Companies House.

- Every company ranked and rated.

- Easy to identify acquisition prospects.

- Complete industry overview section.

Key Topics Covered:

The report is divided into two colour-coded sections for your ease of use, Sector Analysis and Individual Company Analysis. Sector Analysis: Sales growth, market share and profitability are all analysed over a 10 year period giving you the fullest picture possible of the health of the market. Companies are ranked on these categories so you can see which companies are outshining the rest. Use the industry average tables to benchmark your own company's performance - how do you compare to the rest of the industry? Industry Analysis: Each company receives a full page of analysis, evaluating their financial performance over the last five years so you get a full picture of the long term prospects of each company. Each company page of analysis is also packed with the following information: Full business name and address, names and ages of directors, contact details and website address, seven unique Plimsoll charts showing at a glance the performance of each company, averages for the industry are also shown indicating the bare minimum each company should be looking to achieve, and five years of the latest accounts available, New! Written summary on each company highlighting their key strengths and weaknesses.

Companies Mentioned Include:

- 2h Offshore Engineering

- Abb

- Abbot Group

- Aberdeen Drilling Consultants

- Aceca

- Axis Well Technology

- Badentoy Tubular Services

- Badley Geoscience

- Baker Hughes

- Bluewater (Floating Production)

- Danum Well Services

- Dbi Offshore Services

- Dd Subsea

- Delta Oil Services (Uk)

- Deradmin

- Eddie Harrison

- Edic Energy Services (Uk)

- Edinburgh Petroleum Services

- Electrical Oil Services

- Gar Consultancy Services

- Gba Engineering And Construction

- Granherne

- Grant Prideco

- Groil Petroleum Services

- Halewood Engineering Uk

- Kts Oil Services

- L O M Drilling

- Pipeline Tube And Casing

- Polyoil

- Pragma Systems (Scotland)

- Precision Drilling Services (Uk)

- Premier Oil And Gas Services

- Premier Oilfield Rentals

- Roslea Oil Services

- Rotech Subsea

- Rrc Controls Services

- S & D Fabricators

- Ssd-Help

- Stable Services

- Stacey Oil Services

- Stag Geological Services

- Timoil

- Tiw (Uk)

- Tm Services

- Total Safety Services

- Tradelink Solutions

- Trans-Tec Services (Uk)

- Trico Supply (Uk)

- Troy-Ikoda

- Tsl Technology

- Tuboscope Pipeline Services

- Tullett Liberty (Oil & Energy)

- Welltec (Uk)

- Zenocean

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