August 13, 2008

SkyEurope Selects AD Aerospace’s CabinVu-123 for in-Flight Security

SkyEurope Airlines has selected AD Aerospace's CabinVu-123 cockpit door monitoring system to improve safety and security across its fleet of 15 Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

The CabinVu-123 system reportedly increase cockpit security by giving the pilots' a clear view of any activity outside the cockpit door and in the adjacent galleys and therefore improving their situational awareness.

The system, which is claimed to have less line replaceable units, lower weight and simplified installation than earlier systems, provides pilots with a forward looking, clear and unobstructed view of the area outside the cockpit door and in the adjacent galleys from their usual seated positions. A series of cameras are linked to either one or two monitors and associated controllers, within easy reach of the pilots for ease and comfort of use.

Jozef Krokus, security manager of SkyEurope, said: "At SkyEurope Airlines we like to ensure the safety and security of our passengers and crew, which is why we chose CabinVu-123 from AD Aerospace. We believe it was a good choice as it really fits our high-quality low-cost model of operation."