August 13, 2008

Liquid Restrictions Still in Force at Liverpool JLA

STAFF at Liverpool John Lennon Airport are keen to remind passengers about restrictions on carrying liquids as hand luggage.

The issue was highlighted recently when security staff were amazed to discover one passenger attempting to carry 13 bottles containing various liquids, totalling over 2,400ml, in their hand luggage.

All the items including four bottles of suncream, five bottles of insect repellant, shampoo and conditioner were subsequently confiscated as none complied with the current security regulations.

All items in hand luggage are subject to search as part of the aviation security measures that are currently in place at all UK airports.

Some airports have relaxed their restrictions on the numbers of bags that can be carried on, but JLA still limits this to one item.

Robin Tudor, of the airport, said: "This is because the main two carriers at JLA, Easyjet and Ryanair, only allow one bag, so there would be little point in us allowing people through security only to be kept on the plane."

Restrictions on carrying liquids through security have been in place for almost two years.

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