August 13, 2008

No Flights Over `Safety Issues’

KUALA LUMPUR: Berjaya Air flights on Monday and yesterday were either delayed or cancelled when the airline's five pilots refused to fly due to "safety issues".

Sources said Monday's strike of sorts began at 8am when the pilots refused to take to the skies as they were unhappy with the safety levels of the aircraft.

The sources said the issue was not about higher pay, adding that the pilots believed the maintenance of the aircraft was not up to the mark.

Due to the "strike", two flights each to Redang and Tioman were delayed by four to eight hours, leaving some 60 passengers furious.

By 11.30am, the passengers were told the strike was over and that the flights would take off in a matter of hours.

However, it continued yesterday, causing the cancellation of two more flights to Tioman and one to Pangkor, while the 8am flight to Redang was delayed by three hours.

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