August 14, 2008

JC Penney Launches Solar and Wind Power Projects

Department store operator JC Penney Company has announced plans for solar and wind power projects that will supply electricity to 10 stores and one distribution center.

JC Penney said that the pilot projects represent the next step for the company in its efforts to leverage new technologies and engage its 155,000 associates in innovative energy programs. In conjunction with these initiatives, JC Penney also announced plans to obtain Energy Star certification for at least 200 stores.

Myron Ullman, III, chairman and CEO, said: "Hosting these solar and wind projects will add to our knowledge of the benefits and potential applications of renewable energy programs at our facilities. Together with the energy-saving initiatives we already have in place in our stores and distribution centers, this is another significant step toward achieving our environmental objectives.

"With enthusiastic support from JC Penney associates across the US, we are constantly looking for opportunities to contribute to a cleaner environment and run our business more cost effectively."