August 14, 2008

SMEPA Selects InStep Software to Collect Information

InStep Software, a provider of solutions for utilities, has announced that South Mississippi Electric Power Association, a cooperative, which generates, transmits and sells electric energy, has selected its eDNA historian software to collect, store, display and report information.

The company has said that the software will be used to support key operational decision making for over 1,600 miles of high-voltage transmission line and generation plant operations and maintenance for South Mississippi Electric Power Association's (SMEPA's) plant Morrow.

John Kalanik, president of InStep Software, said: "We are very pleased to be working with South Mississippi Electric Power Association. It is always exciting to see how two distinctly different uses of the historian can provide significant value to the company."

Tommy Clark, control systems manager of SMEPA, said: "In evaluating InStep's eDNA historian SMEPA was impressed with the technical ability and the setup for reliability which eDNA offered. We were also excited about the tools which surround eDNA for user access. While eDNA is a superior product with end user designed interfaces the greatest value we found was the people."