August 17, 2008

Two Gas Pipelines Blown Up in Pakistan’s Baluchistan

Text of report headlined "Gas supply to Sui plant, Mastung cut after attack" by Pakistani newspaper Dawn website on 16 August

Quetta [Baluchistan Province], 15 August: Two gas pipelines - one in the Pir Koh gas field and the other in Lakpass area - were blown up on Friday [15 August], suspending supply to the Sui plant and Mastung Town.

Also in Mastung, a house was damaged after unidentified men hurled a hand-grenade.

Official sources said that a bomb planted under the main pipeline supplying gas to the Sui purification plant from the Pir Koh gas field exploded late on Friday night.

"A five-foot-long portion of the 18-inch pipeline was blown up in the blast," the sources said, adding that supply to the Sui plant was affected.

Originally published by Dawn, Karachi, in English 16 Aug 08.

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