August 18, 2008

Pasta – The Gold Medal Meal

Consumers don't have to eat two pounds of pasta per day like American Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps to take advantage of the benefits of pasta. Not only is pasta healthy and convenient, it remains among the most affordable meals today--despite skyrocketing food costs.

According to Mark Vermylen, chairman of the National Pasta Association (NPA), the trade association of the United States pasta industry, "pasta continues to be among the most affordable foods available and unlike other staples, such as butter, flour and milk, which have experienced recent price increases, pasta makes a meal."

As American consumers are experiencing the biggest jump in food prices in 17 years, they are feeling the pinch. However, a box of white pasta currently retails for only $1.39-$1.49. When factoring serving sizes, a box of pasta costs less than 20 cents a serving. Consumers are taking notice. In the last 12 weeks, through July 12, 2008, pasta sales have increased 5%.

Whether it's energizing our Olympic athletes or our family, pasta still continues to champion the market for its value and popularity. Consumers may visit for over 200 pasta meal recipes, including a great selection of summer pasta dishes, nutritional information and the latest news.

About the National Pasta Association:

Founded in 1904, the National Pasta Association is the trade association for the United States pasta industry, with members including the manufacturers, industry suppliers and allied industry representatives. The NPA provides leadership to the industry on public policy issues, serving as its voice in Washington, D.C. NPA also forges alliances with key organizations, monitors and addresses technical issues, and organizes events and seminars for the industry.