August 18, 2008

How on Earth Can Salt Become Healthier?

Ocean's Flavor, in its quest to produce healthier sea salts, is proud to introduce two new lower sodium Natural Healthy Sea Salts, thus adding to their flagship line of healthy salts. Now available from Ocean's Flavor are OF-60LSB 60% less sodium natural sea salts and OF-70LSB 70% less sodium natural sea salts. With the addition of these two outstanding healthy salts, Ocean's Flavor can provide food producers and consumers with a superior alternative to traditional high sodium table salt, which is problematic for healthful diets.

As the leading natural sea salt company, Ocean's Flavor now offers four natural sea salt levels: OF-45LSN with 45% less sodium, OF-57 LSB with 57% less sodium, OF-60LSB2 with 60% less sodium, and OF-70 LSB with 70% less sodium than table salt. The new offerings are a blend of our all Natural Sea Salt OF 45 LSN which is a sea salt with all the attributes of regular sea salt with a reduced sodium level of 45% less sodium than table salt. This natural sea salt OF 45 LSN is blended with our all natural potassium chloride to provide a flavor friendly blend that is what makes up our new offerings of OF 60 LSB and OF 70 LSB.

"Our natural sea salt OF 45 LSN has been a product that we developed to meet the true meaning of Sea Salt. It is flavorful and has a great balance of minerals that provides the health salt that the public has been looking for," states Al Kirchner, CEO.

Ocean's Flavor Sea Salt is a natural low sodium choice that many food processing companies are using to provide benefits to their customers. Alan Fisher, president of Oceans Flavor states, "Our food processing partners are progressive in delivering healthy, natural ingredients that maintain best quality in culinary excellence in taste and texture. Many are shifting their processing to be out in front of the sodium reduction movement with their products."

Ocean's Flavor Sea Salt, up to 70% lower in sodium than other standard table salt or sea salts, produces their quality products via tight patent-pending restrictions. This process optimizes the environment's natural ability to produce a salt comprised of lower sodium and great taste, while maintaining the ocean's healthy minerals which are required for a balanced, healthy body.

"Over the last two years, Ocean's Flavor has experienced tremendous growth due to the public's demand for lower sodium, natural products," says Fisher. "This need has been further supported by newer and more defined sodium intake guidelines, as set forth by the American Heart Association, American Medical Association and The Center for Science here in the states. Paralleling these new requirements are the new more stringent restrictions in the U.K."

About Ocean's Flavor

In 2003, Al Kirchner and Alan Fisher co-owners of Ocean's Flavor had the idea to produce a natural, less sodium sea salt. After searching the world for a suitable location, they came across a sleepy little town in Latin America which possessed the right environment, the ideal climate and the required processing support that would be needed for optimum natural less sodium salt production.

In two short years Ocean's Flavor has become the world's leader in the sale and distribution of natural less sodium sea salts; furnishing to soup-, vegetable-, ingredient-, seasonings-, frozen food-, beef- and poultry-producing companies both domestically and internationally. Ocean's Flavor is ahead of the curve in reducing sodium by "thinking natural," and keeping the taste of what real less sodium sea salt should taste like.