August 18, 2008

Greenest Store Built in England

Britain's "greenest" supermarket has opened with backers claiming it has 38 energy-saving measures.

Included in the Sainsbury store is a a biomass boiler burning wood chips to provide heating, LED lights and solar-powered fans. Management says it planted 400 trees to make up for the 200 used in the building's construction and claims the new store in Devon will use 50 percent less energy off the grid and produce 40 percent less CO2 than normal, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The store will be a "leader in sustainable construction," said Sainsbury's commercial director, Neil Sachdev.

"We've been keen to experiment with a number of energy saving measures here, from sun pipes, which provide amazing natural light, to using a timber frame rather than steel, which

consumes less energy in its production, but looks good too," he said.