August 19, 2008

Sunshine Announces Lawsuit Against Sterling Mining Company

KELLOGG, Idaho, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- After nearly 5 months of failure to pay rent for the office located at 1176 Big Creek Road, Kellogg, ID, a lawsuit was filed in the State of Idaho District Court by Liesche & Reagan on behalf of their client Sunshine Property Group, LLC, Series Two, A Delaware Series LLC against Sterling Mining Company (a publicly-traded company trading as "SRLM") for not paying rent. "The tenant has been given every opportunity to correct the situation," said Andrew Grundman, interim manager for Sunshine Property Group, LLC, Series Two. Mr. Grundman further went on to say "Sterling has failed or refused to pay rent for the use of the office, therefore we treat their inaction as inexcusable behavior."

A three day notice to pay or quit was issued to Sterling Mining Company for its unlawful detainer of the property on July 28. The notice demanded that Sterling pay the entire amount of past due rent or vacate the property within three days to avoid legal action. Sterling Mining Company neither paid the money nor vacated the property.

The Sunshine Property Group, LLC, Series Two seeks restitution of the premises, costs related to restitution of the property and legal fees from Sterling Mining Company.

Contact: Andrew Grundman, Esq.

Phone: (208) 215-8475

Sunshine Property Group, LLC

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