August 19, 2008

Power Problems

The Aug. 13 editorial on the costs of the Bow power plant upgrade states the costs have doubled to install scrubbers.

Gee, hasn't the cost of everything doubled in the last few years? On the other hand, a new coal-fired plant producing the same amount of energy would cost several billion dollars, but PSNH is not allowed to build new power plants. If the plant is eliminated, then energy needs will have to be filled on the spot market at a much higher price than PSNH would charge.

The writer mentions alternative power, including solar and wind. The NIMBYs fight wind no matter where it goes in because they can see the tower from their house. Next is biomass, but again no one wants it in their neighborhood. One only has to look at the latest letter from the group against a biomass plant in Henniker. It states they want biomass but not here in Henniker. The writers complain that it will make noise and be seen from houses. They also state that there will be pollution created burning 200,000 tons of virgin wood, even though many of us have fireplaces, wood stoves and pellet stoves.

Next the writer mentions natural gas. Several natural gas plants have gone belly up due to the high cost of natural gas. They've been taken over by groups that only run them intermittently and will sell electricity at a guaranteed minimum rate but not blocked from charging the max they can get. This is the cost of the deregulated power market.



Originally published by For the Monitor.

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