Oil Purification Systems Collaborates With Felderhoff Brothers Drilling to Design and Implement Enviro-Pur System

August 19, 2008

Oil Purification Systems (OPS), developer and manufacturer of the OPS-1(TM) on-board oil refining system, today announced a collaboration with Felderhoff Brothers Drilling to implement the Enviro-Pur fluid cleaning system. The new Enviro-Pur system helps lower overall maintenance costs by maintaining the quality of lubricating fluids used by all types of drill rig equipment, and by reducing the overall consumption of those fluids. Developed specifically for the oil and gas industry, the Enviro-Pur system helps to significantly reduce equipment downtime, a critical challenge faced by Felderhoff and other companies in the industry.

The Enviro-Pur system provides a comprehensive enhancement to Felderhoff’s preventive maintenance program. Tom Burke, president of Felderhoff Brothers Drilling, said, “In the oil and gas industry, it is extremely important to get in and out of a drilling location very quickly. The OPS Enviro-Pur system allows us to basically eliminate oil changes to keep our equipment up and running almost constantly. We expect to save more than $500,000 annually per rig in repair and rebuilding costs alone. This is in addition to the savings we will see in the cost of lube.”

The OPS Enviro-Pur system cleans gear lube while the rig is running, helping maximize uptime and reduce equipment breakdown. During the evaluation process, OPS worked extensively with Felderhoff to collect and provide written analysis of lubrication sample results to ensure that oil was running clean. By keeping gear lube and lube oil clean, scheduled maintenance can be eliminated, allowing Felderhoff to maintain operating performance at the highest level possible.

Additionally, the Enviro-Pur system helps to reduce oil consumption, saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of waste lube each year and minimizing waste for a cleaner environment. Felderhoff has already installed and tested the Enviro-Pur system on multiple rigs, and expects to save more than $600,000 in its first year of use from reduced lube oil changes making its total annual savings over $1 million.

“Felderhoff is a company that has proven to be a leader in the oil and gas industry in recognizing the importance of preventive maintenance instead of crisis maintenance,” said Mitch Weseley, OPS president and CEO. “We view our collaboration with Felderhoff as a critical step in helping keep equipment up and running all the time to better serve customers in this industry.”

About Felderhoff Brothers Drilling

Felderhoff Brothers Drilling, a Complete Production Services Company, was started by Al and Vince Felderhoff in 1950, and has served the North Central Texas oil and gas industry for over 57 years. Today, Felderhoff operates 22 drilling rigs with the capability of drilling up to 18,000 feet. Yard locations include Gainesville and Jacksboro, Texas. Complete Production Services is a leading provider of specialized oil and gas services and equipment in North America (Canada, U.S. and Mexico).

About Oil Purification Systems

Oil Purification Systems, Inc. is the leader in fluid cleaning technology. The OPS-1 on-board oil refining system removes the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, virtually eliminating the need for routine oil changes. Developed specifically for the oil and gas industry, the Enviro-Pur fluid cleaning system maintains the quality of lubricating fluids used by all types of drill rig equipment, and by reducing the overall consumption of those fluids. OPS’ fluid cleaning technology is used by hundreds of fleets on thousands of vehicles, generators and large equipment in trucking, waste management, oil and gas, busing, construction, mining and many other applications. Founded in 2002, OPS is headquartered in Shelton, Conn. and has production facilities in Waterbury, Conn. For more information, please call 866-645-7873 or visit http://www.ops-1.com.

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