Iranian Regional TV Notes Foreign Media Coverage of Rocket Launch

August 19, 2008

Text of report by Iranian state-run provincial TV from East Azarbayjan on 18 August

[Presenter] The successful testing of the Safir-e Omid satellite carrier has caused a great interest in this event among world agencies.

Fox News said without making any comment that the Safir-e Omid satellite carrier will make the West wary of Iran’s nuclear programme. Fox News added that now Iran has displayed its military power.

The BBC filed a brief report saying that the rocket launched by Iran is designed to carry a research satellite.

France 24 pointed out Iran’s successful testing of the Safir-e Omid satellite carrier and said that the Iranians launched a rocket carrying a satellite, not a telecommunications rocket.

Euronews described this action as the conquest of space by the Iranians.

A German news agency reported that Iran launched a rocket and its putting into orbit shows the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the sphere of rocket science, and this is another reason for the West’s concern. The White House is also anxious in this regard, the German news agency reported.

[Video shows foreign TV footage and the launch of the rocket]

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran East Azarbayjan Provincial TV, Tabriz, in Azari 1830 18 Aug 08.

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