August 20, 2008

I DON’t WANT TO BE IN YOUR GANG ; Pervert Glitter Refuses to Fly Back to Britain After Throwing a Stropin Bangkok

By Joanne Curran

SHAMED Gary Glitter was last night holed up in an airport hotel in Thailand after refusing to fly back to Britain.

The paedophile was deported from Vietnam yesterday but only got as far as Bangkok on his way to the UK.

Pathetic Glitter, 64, threw a tantrum at the airport and refused to board the connecting flight to Heathrow.

Last night, he was at the centre of an amazing stand-off as he demanded to be allowed to travel to Singapore, where he says he wants to live.

There were reports he had collapsed in his hotel room after complaining of dizziness.

Glitter faces being put on the sex offenders' register and living as an outcast if he returns to Britain.

The whinging former glam rocker, believed to have been accompanied by a British police officer, ranted at Thai Airways staff, who insisted he must board the flight to London.

Thai authorities will not allow the beast to officially enter Thailand so he can't leave the airport hotel.

Glitter was freed from jail in Vietnam after serving two years and nine months for molesting two girls aged 10 and 11. A witness said: "Airline officials whisked him off the plane at Bangkok and hoped to take him to a connecting flight back to the UK.But he point- blank refused and screamed that he wanted to go to Singapore.

"He was told he should resume his journey but refused. Officials are now scratching their heads as to what to do with him. No one wants him."

Earlier, Glitter was put on a 90- minute Thai Airways flight to Bangkok.

At that point, he insisted he was going back to Britain. His lawyer Le Thanh Kinh said: "He is happy to be going home. He is in a good mood."

But the pitiful pervert, still sporting a goatee beard, soon copped out.

He was escorted by two Thai policemen to Louis Tavern on Pier A in the airport. It is a VIP area with small rooms in which transit passengers can lie down.

Rooms are rented by the hour. Three hours cost the equivalent of pounds 50.

Glitter rented a room for eight hours for pounds 100.

He had been due to arrive in the UK this morning, where he would have been met by police and ordered to sign the sex offenders' register. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith also announced she wants him to be banned from travelling abroad to commit any morecrimes.

She is planning to introduce new measures to curb sex tourists.

Smith said: "I want Gary Glitter to be controlled whilst he's here and I don't want him to be able to go anywhere in the world in order to abuse children."

But Glitter is plotting to avoid the regulations by fleeing to another country. The problem he faces is in trying to get a visa.

Glitter had already spent two months in jail in Britain in 1999 after admitting downloading sickening pornographic images of children, before being caged in Vietnam.

If he eventually returns, cops will quiz him about where he intends to live. He has been looking close to where he used to live in Somerset.

But residents in Wedmore, the village where he used to live, have said he will not be welcome back.

Lorraine Williams, landlady of The Swan Inn, said: "I certainly would not be serving him. I would probably lose most of my customers if I did."

'He screamed that he wanted to go to Singapore'

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