August 20, 2008

More Coil Coating in Appliance Industry, NCCA Says

By Anonymous

According to the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA; Cleveland), use of prepainted (coil coated) steel by appliance manufacturers is on the rise. The association says Whirlpool, Trane, General Electric and other appliance OEMs are trading postpainting operations for prepainted metal. NCCA cites the ability of coil- coated steel to meet fingerprint resistance, non-skid and anti- microbial specifications without the need for paint shop environmental controls as reasons for its increasing use.

According to NCCA, the corrosion resistance of prepainted metal is better than that of post-painted material, and prepainted metal can be joined using adhesives, fasteners and welding while maintaining a superior surface. Coil-coated steel can also be stamped or coated to create safer and longer-lasting non-skid surfaces, the organization adds. Copyright Gardner Publications, Inc. Aug 2008

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