August 20, 2008

McCain Outpoints Obama on Energy

America runs on oil. The internal combustion engine using fossil fuel is the predominant form of mechanized transport in America. Until these vehicles are converted to other forms of energy, or need replacing, we are stuck on fossil fuels.

Our nation lacks the infrastructure to change to alternative sources of energy rapidly. Attempts at switching to alternative sources of energy have not worked well or have encountered problems. This can be noted in ethanol production. The energy produced is less than the amount used in the production of ethanol. Converting agricultural resources to energy production lead to a rise in food prices.

The internal combustion engine was hailed as the solution to the pollution produced by draft animals in use at the beginning of the 20th century. Are we sure the unintended consequences of other alternative energy sources have been fully thought through? The wide use of alternative energy resources and converting to alternative energy will not happen for years!

Sen. John McCain has a sensible plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help stabilize the cost of energy while producing energy in America. Sen. McCain's program includes developing proven coal and oil sources to include offshore drilling and building 24 more nuclear power plants (a proven technology), while bringing other alternative sources of energy online.

Let's contrast Sen. Barack Obama's energy plan. Sen. Obama was adamant about not developing America's fossil fuels, (a scheme by big oil companies), and he opposes nuclear power. Sen. Obama plans to develop alternative energy sources rapidly enough to meet future demands using unproven technology, while changing his position rapidly enough to stabilize his poll numbers. Sen. Obama now wants to allow offshore drilling and raiding the strategic oil reserve to try to lower oil prices - a complete change from his previous positions.

I guess this pandering to polls is the kind of "change we can believe in," but I don't think it will solve our energy problems!

David G. Brown


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