August 20, 2008

Advance Capture and Use of Coal Mine Methane

advance capture and use of coal mine methane

MTM Capital Partners (MTM), a UK investment manager that invests in the efficient and safe use of resources and the reduction of environment damaging emissions, is collaborating with the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to advance coal mine methane recovery and use projects in China; the Chairman of MTM, Geoffrey Isaac, announced the collaboration today.

As part of the priority initiatives for energy and the environment addressed by the US China Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED), the US and China plan to develop up to 15 large scale coal mine methane capture and utilisation projects in China by 2011. The SED was established in September 2006 to provide a forum for the US and China to consider and address economic challenges and opportunities.

The US EPA has committed resources to develop feasibility studies to conduct detailed technical and economic evaluations for recovery and use of coal mine methane at Chinese underground coal mines as part of its collaborative efforts with China through the Methane to Markets Partnership. These studies constitute an important component of the collaborative effort under the SED.

MTM, a subsidiary of the Man Group, recently established the $600 million China Methane Recovery Fund, which provides foreign direct investment to develop and implement turnkey coal mine and landfill methane recovery and use projects in China. MTM, a member of the Methane to Markets Partnership, is committed to public-private partnerships. MTM also engages with supranational initiatives such as the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol designed to cut potent greenhouse gas emissions while promoting the use of clean energy.

MTM is working with Advanced Resources International (ARI), a US company selected by the US EPA to undertake feasibility studies to evaluate potential coal mine methane capture and use projects in China. The US EPA and other federal partners have fostered public- private partnership and cooperation in China with capacity building initiatives and through developing information resources to overcome communications barriers and encourage investor interest in coal mine methane projects from the private sector.

Geoffrey Isaac said, "Private sector foreign direct investment will be required to enable China to reach the environmental goals of its Eleventh Five Year Plan. The US EPA is regarded as one of the most authoritative bodies in relation to the abatement of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions including coal mine methane. The US is also a global leader in the recovery of coal mine gas and we are delighted to be working with their selected technical partner ARI, which has tremendous expertise and experience in China".

Jon Kelafant, Senior Vice President of ARI, said, "In a market with evolving regulations the experience and investment approach of MTM positions them well for potential coal mine methane capture and utilisation projects. MTM has developed a thorough understanding of the technical and commercial challenges faced in undertaking these projects and we are looking forward to working with them in China".

MTM and ARI expect a site for a coal mine methane recovery and utilisation feasibility study to be identified soon as a result of their activities in China. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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