August 20, 2008

Iran Improving Communications Equipment in Southeast Province

Text of report by Iranian state-run provincial TV from Sistan- Baluchestan on 20 August

On the occasion of Government Week, 15 telecommunications projects worth more than 19bn rials [nearly 1.9m dollars] will become operational in the town of Iranshahr [Sistan-Baluchestan Province].

With the commissioning of these projects, the range of stationary and mobile telephones will reach 100 per cent in Iranshahr, over 90 per cent in district centres and 87 per cent on the roads of the town.

[Presenter-read report over video showing a telecommunications centre]

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sistan-Baluchestan Provincial TV, Zahedan in Persian 1200 20 Aug 08.

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