August 20, 2008

i2Telecom International’s MyGlobalTalk(TM) Discussed in Wall Street Journal Article

i2Telecom International, Inc. ("i2Telecom(R)") (the "Company") (OTCBB: ITUI), a developer of award-winning patented and innovative high-quality Voice-over-Internet Protocol ("VoIP") products and services, today announced that the Company's MyGlobalTalk(TM) technology is mentioned in an article in today's Wall Street Journal.

The article, titled "For Cellphones, Cheaper Rates On Global Calls" by ANDREW LAVALLEE and ROSS KENNETH URKEN in the Personal Section of the publication, noted that, "...International calls are a lucrative revenue source for the big wireless carriers, and companies like AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless have also lowered their rates to stay competitive with each other and VoIP services.

Some rates offered by big carriers are close to those offered by the Internet-based services. But carriers also require a monthly fee, typically around $4, to get the lowest per-minute rates. Some people also prefer the Internet-based services because they aren't tied to a particular carrier's network or handset selection.

"i2Telecom's patent pending MyGlobalTalk(TM) is the core technology behind a series of mobile products and services that i2Telecom is prepared to launch. VoIP is a necessary platform for other valuable products that the market is demanding. Examples include low cost long distance communications, unified messaging and mobile banking, and the list goes on," stated Paul Arena, CEO of i2Telecom. "These are all revenue producing applications that can be delivered on a simple appliance such as the cellular phone."

Also worthy to note, the article shows that MyGlobalTalk(TM) was the lowest cost alternative for U.S callers placing international calls.

MyGlobalTalk(TM), i2Telecom's internally developed patent pending technology, is a new and advanced mobile VoIP application that targets the wireless handset market. MyGlobalTalk(TM) places Internet telephony in the hands of every cellular phone user, independent of wireless carrier technology, handset manufacturer, or the type of wireless carrier voice/data plan involved. The objective is to enable mobile users to access low-cost Internet telephony communications in a completely "untethered" manner via their MyGlobalTalk(TM) enabled cellular phones. Once MyGlobalTalk(TM) software is installed on cellular handsets, users are able to call any telephone in the world directly from their cellular phones, using VoIP technology, at a fraction of normal long-distance rates. In addition, MyGlobalTalk(TM) is fully functional without local access to the Internet or proximity to an Internet "hotspot". Users also need not wait for the availability of dual-mode WiFi phones, because MyGlobalTalk(TM) provides the benefits of a dual-mode phone at a fraction of the cost using the customer's existing mobile handset.

About i2Telecom International, Inc.

i2Telecom International, Inc. is a developer of award-winning patented and innovative high-quality Voice-over-Internet Protocol ("VoIP") products and services that employ best-of-breed VoIP technology and use a combination of the Company's own services network and the Internet to deliver high-quality phone calls, streaming video and text chat to customers on a global scale. i2Telecom International provides its VoiceStick(R), MyGlobalTalk(TM), Digital Portal communications and microgateway adapters for VoIP long-distance and other enhanced communication services to its subscribers. Its patent pending services technology platform is compliant with the Session Initiation Protocol ("SIP") telecommunications industry standard. For additional information visit or or or call 404-567-4750.

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